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Document: proposals to increase national awareness
Sunday, 28. October 1980, El Periódico de Cataluña
Politics, Page 26

In the Consellerias of the Generalitat as well as in the highest spheres of the Convergència Democrtica de Catalunya(CDC) and Unió Democráàtica de Catalunya (UDC) this working document is circulated and is officially attributed to the highest levels. This document includes a range of proposals to achieve Catalanization. This is the full text of this catalog of intentions, translated from Spanish into English

The strategy of recatalanization

One of the activities mentioned is the "strengthening of the family model to guarantee biological substitution".

Goals. Development of awareness along the following lines:

a) Configuration of the Catalan personality: Explanation and reinforcement of the defining and positive basic elements of our collective personality. Selection of and the dissemination of concepts that allow the maximum strengthening of our people (by being more educated, more modern, more civic, increased solidarity,, more European, work-ethic, satisfction for work well done, verifying roots, viligence of Christian values ...) in accordance with the challenges that confronts the current world.

b) Dissemination of the history and the national Catalan facts: Dissemination of the crucial events of our history and our historical personalities, as well as the contribution of the Catalan people to European culture and science. Promotion of popular festivals, traditions, customs and their mythical background. c) New concept of nation within the European framework: Catalonia (Catalonian countries), as emerging European nation. Reaffirmation of European feeling. Europe without borders must be a Europe that recognizes nations.

c) New concept of nation within the European framework: Catalonia (Catalonian countries), as emerging European nation. Reaffirmation of European feeling. Europe without borders must be a Europe that recognizes nations.

d) Discovery of future potential: Catalunya (Catalonian countries), as the center of gravity of the south of the EEC. Preferential economic-cultural performance on the north-western Mediterranean arch and the Occitan-Catalan area. Maximum attention to the core of the area that makes up the Barcelona-Montpellier-Toulouse triangle. You also have to take into account the relationship between Catalonia and Aragon. And mutual intercomprehension in the area from Alicante to the Alps.

e) The demographic factor: Only the people who are young advance. It is necessary to make our people aware of the need to have more children to guarantee our collective personality.

f) Memorial of grievances: Catalonia is a discriminated nation that could not freely develop its cultural and economic potential. Discovery, verification, weighting and dissemination of discriminatory facts, shortcomings, etc., in a clear, forceful and systematic way. Highlighting the negative impact that this has for the whole Catalan people and for each of their citizens.

g) Collective sensitization: Catalonia is a people in search of its sovereignty within the European framework.Sensitize citizens to strengthen the social soul. Shoring up our own center of gravity within Europe. Reform of the Autonomy Statute.

h) Social gradient: Greatest freedom for Catalonia means greatest wellbeing for all its citizens. Nationalist sentiment and national liberation must be linked to the social promotion of people and their own individual and collective fulfillment.

i) Configuration of the individual personality of the citizens of Catalonia: We want men and women of strong convictions and prepared to face a powerful Catalonia.

j) Revitalize the concept of Catalonia as a living, cohesive civil society, with a sense of togetherness,, generating material and spiritual wealth.

k) Fully exercise sovereignty in all those spaces where we are competent

Fundamental activities:

1.-It is necessary to bring together different groups of people, institutions and associations that are determined to develop the lines of awareness mentioned above and to disseminate their content.

2.-We must influence effectively all media by people with a greatest positive social influence. At the same time, entities with a cultural influence and education, which include this nationalizing content, should be promoted and strengthened.

3.-The sensitiztion campaigns that are organized must be based on the promotion of popular festivals, traditions, customs and national mythology. The empowerment of the family model must guaranty biological substitution. Reformation of the Statute of Autonomy with its corresponding explanation of reasons. Make Catalonia to be a European region. Strengthen Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, as a meeting place in the Occitan-Catalan space, etc.

4.-Publishing of books, awareness articles and support material for the activities in each area (brochures, videos, cassettes, maps, games, etc.). In line with this, a list of foundations, entities and / or existing publishers where you can work to choose or, where appropriate, write and publish, if appropriate, the necessary awareness material.

5.-Finally, an office for sociological research and public opinion studies should be created in Barcelona, in addition to the Museum of History of Catalonia.


Goals. Promote the Catalan national feeling of teachers, parents and students. Guarantee the perfect knowledge of the geography, history and other socio-cultural facts of Catalonia, besides promoting the use of the Catalan language by professors, teachers and students.

Educate children and young people according to criteria of generosity, effort, discipline, creativity, civility, solidarity (having then present the values of our people and the universal values of humanity). All this with an ideological and practical defense of the mixed school model (public-private school).

Fundamental activities:

1.-Require the correct knowledge of the language, history and geography of Catalonia and Paisos Catalans to all teachers, teachers and students. Develop the corresponding didactic tools and oblige the inspectors to comply with them.

2.- Preparation of a plan for permanent training and retraining of teacher taking into account national interests. Positive incentive for retraining courses.

3.-Edit and use textbooks on the history, geography, art, literature, economics, etc., of the Paisos Catalans. Establish agreements with publishers for its preparation and dissemination, with subsidies if necessary.

4.-Catalanization of teaching programs. Previous analysis and approval of content by responsible and trusted people.

5.-Promote the incorporation of positive educational values and knowledge of the Catalan national reality in the EGB teacher training colleges.

6 .- Reorganize the body of inspectors in a manner that monitors the proper compliance with the regulations on the Catalanization of education. Closely monitor the election of this staff.

7.-Carry out the campaign "The people to school" with the maximum possible extension, with a constant renewal of activities (popular songs, sardanas, ballets, theater, poetry, works, videos, defense of the environment, cultural trips, excursions, exchange days for students, teacher exchange days, the school on television, promotion of children's publications, company visits, scientific and technological activities ...)

8.-Influence parent associations, bringing people and leaders who have nationalist criteria.

9.-Reinforcement of the role of the directive cadres of the centers, of the authority and order, with new regulations and encouraging and giving prestige to the directive functions.

10.-Ensure the composition of the opposition courts.

11.-Campaign for the social dignification of professional, technical and non-regulated teachers.

12.-Rationalization of the mass of FP specialists according to the current and future needs of the labor market.

13.-Increase the endowments of the school-work programs.

14.-Require the articulation of the departments of Education, Labour, Industry and Energy for the coordination of Vocational and Occupational Training.

15.-Prepare a plan of equipment for the FP.

16.-Enforce the established minimum in relation to teaching in Catalan.

17.-Campaign to promote civic values in schools.

18.- Campaign to denounce the financial insufficiencies regarding the concert regime of the private centers.

19.-Encourage extra-school activities (hiking, music, sports ...)

20.-Strengthen the schools of applied arts and music conservatories.

21.- Conducting school and professional orientation campaigns.

22.-Give greater budgetary attention to special education. Create a coordination commission between the departments of Education, Sanity and social well feeling.

23.-Defense of the educational reform model itself. Carry out an explanatory campaign.

3.-University and Research

Goals. Strengthen Catalan universities, providing them with human resources and infrastructure, so that they can be counted among the best in Europe. Promote research especially in the fields of industrial applications and cutting-edge technology. Stimulate the Catalan national feeling of students and teachers and promote the use of the language in all areas of academic and research activity.

Promote and facilitate the creation of private universities that are born of Catalan civil society. And promote decentralization and university deconcentration, creating new universities or university careers linked to the territory.

Fundamental activities:

a) Encourage and promote the creation of new universities, institutes, centers and university studies:

1.- Consolidation and conversion in universities of the university centers of Lleida, Tarragona-Reus and Girona

2.- Promotion and help to the creation of private universities especially social initiative rooted in the country.

3.- Creation of new universities

4.- Creation of new centers. Empowerment of existing companies related to the development of leading specialties in the industrial field and management and direction, as well as new centers connected to the regional reality.

5.- Creation of university studies at a distance (or open) and help in the development of textbooks and multimedia teaching materials in Catalan and with a Catalan perspective.

b) To promote the Catalan presence in all European programs, exchanges and international presence in Catalonia, as well as scientific communication between Catalonia and the world:

1.- Promotion of the Comett, Erasmus and Lingua programs.

2.- More teacher and student exchange protocols.

3.- Aid for the extension of studies abroad.

4.- Increase in Catalan readers in foreign universities.

5.- Creation of a consortium (of the COPCA type) that promotes the Catalan language, culture and science abroad through the establishment of broadcasting offices.

6.- Strengthening of the professional associations of students that allow international exchanges (AIESEC, IAESTE, IFMSA).

7.- Help scientific publications in Catalan (journals, theses, etc.), giving priority to exchanges or translations of prestigious foreign scientific journals.

c) Give more impetus to university-society foundations and technology transfer centers.

d) Empowerment of the Catalan Association of University Professionals, as well as associations of nationalist students.

e) To promote personalities of nationalist ideology in the governing bodies of the three Catalan universities.

f) Residency policy for students, especially in medium-sized university cities.

g) Revaluation of the role of social councils.

h) Prepare a National Research Plan, absolutely prioritized and selective and interconnected to the economic network, and review and enhance the action of the CIRIT.

i) Redefinition and strengthening of the role of the IEC.

j) Strengthen existing research centers.

k) Ensure the composition of the opposition courts

l) Promote own qualifications, adapting them to social needs.

ll) Design and carry out a good Catalan University of Estiu with high level courses for nationals and foreigners that also facilitate the knowledge of the country.

m) Campaign in favor of tax relief for investments in the university and / or the investigation.

n) Promote the constitution of high-level higher education institutes, in various fields (economic, political ...)

4.-Means of communication

Goals. Achieve that the public media dependent on the Generalitat continue to be effective transmitters of the Catalan national model. To this end, concepts relating to the Catalan national identity will be used and disseminated in a clear manner:

a) Cleaning the language. It is necessary to use a standard Catalan and without mistakes, taking into account the different phonetics.

b) Enable a Catalan global programming among all television channels, with a higher percentage among radio stations.

c) A better and wider diffusion of Catalan cultural products with productions about facts, characters, episodes of our history and a greater attention to current cultural reality, Catalan social science.

d) Extend the framework of action of the audiovisual media to the area of Paisos Catalans with greater attention to the regions. Capture of the signal of 11/3 Channel 33 and TVV from any point of the Paisos Catalans through a bold policy of attracting popular audience.

e) Dissemination of the content of sensitization lines developed for the field of thought (creation of the state of national opinion)

f) Projection of the Catalan communication space through co-production with European televisions, European programs, etc., that allow the diffusion of our national language and national identity.

g) Expand the reach of Catalan national radio stations to the medium wave.

h) Promote the press in Catalan

i) Influence the initial training of journalists and communication technicians to guarantee a preparation with Catalan national awareness. Creation of communication codes.

j) Induce advertising and publicity companies to create a positive and well-done advertising message that transmits the Catalan cultural and social model.

k) Normalize the production of the Catalan cinema, as welll as the dubbing of videos in Catalan.

Fundamental activities:

1.- Introduce nationalist people of a high professionalism and a great technical qualification in all key positions of the media.

2.- Convert the "Avui" newspaper into a national wide newspaper, endowing it with the necessary technical means and those referred to editors, correspondents and collaborators that convert it into a competitive medium. Act in a similar way with a general information weekly magazine.

3.- Favor the strategies with the purpose that the magazines and publications in Catalan reach all national fans and, especially to facilitate the passage to Catalan of the regional newspapers of Lleida and Tarragona, as well as other means.

4.- Creation of a Catalan news agency, with a national spirit and great solvency.

5.- Carry out a campaign to promote reading habits among the citizens of Catalonia and the Paisos Catalans. Ask for the collaboration of the editors.

6.- Creation of video collections with the most successful films translated into Catalan. Creation of a TV3 video production company and dissemination of programs with this support.

7.- Influence the normal channels of distribution as long as they disseminate Catalan cultural products better.

8.- To reach agreements with the main distributors of films, so that everyone has the corresponding Catalan version and ensure that at least ten major and premiere films are screened in Catalan, as well as 20 videos.

9.- That TV3 extends the acquisition of the rights of TV-films dubbed into Catalan with the rights of diffusion in proximity (video, screen).

10.- Sign agreements with other television channels to make series or reports on personalities or events in Catalonia.

11 .- Get the broadcasters of the Generalitat de Catalunya emit on medium and short wave.

12.- To favor the granting of aid for stations with Catalan programming.

5.-Cultural and leisure entities

Goals. Catalanize sports and leisure activities. Promote knowledge of the Catalan national reality within the different sectors where each entity operates. Encourage love of nature, civility and the protection and conservation of the environment. Recognition of the fundamental role of cultural entities and the associative movement in general, giving them economic, technical and institutional support for their development. Influence especially in the most denationalized areas of our territory. It is also necessary to ensure the formation of socio-cultural animators and new professions in the fields of leisure, social education, culture and associative life.

Fundamental activities:

1) Campaign for the Catalan Olympic Committee

2) Campaign in favor of the 1992 Olympic Games respecting the Catalan national language and identity.

3) Adaptation of international games to our language and culture (for example Trivial) and maintenance of traditional Catalan games.

4) Promotion of cultural trips, scheduled excursions, youth tourism with country content and interior tourism in general.

5) Promotion of leisure time education (leisure and scouting) in social initiative entities.

6) Promotion and consolidation of Catalan cultural entities and groups in all areas, with special attention to suburban urban areas, facilitating the conditions for development: fiscal, labor, sponsorship, subsidies, etc.

7) Promote the training of educators in leisure and sociocultural animators from initiatives from the same entities.

8) Promote volunteering and amateur groups.

9) Encourage and help youth and cultural associations with vocation of the country.

10) Promotion and help to the publication of informative books on hikes and cultural routes, songs, divulgation of our history, traditions, popular festivals, customs, games, et cetera.

11) Potentiation of the pal paller entities that can act as a motor and drag others towards a collective action of broad spectrum.

12) Programming and realization of Expo-culture in different places of the territory, to put in contact the associations with the creators.

13) Campaign to make society aware of the benefits of associative action.

14) Preparation, publication and dissemination of sports regulations and the vocabularies of each sport.

15) Campaign of Catalanization of sports federations, with the support of UFEC.

16) Creation of advisory and linguistic normalization groups within the sports federations.

17) Strengthen the Consells Comarcals de l Esport. Carry out Jocs Esportius Escolars, nationally, as an element of integration at the local, district and national levels.

18) Increase subsidies, both in activities and equipment, to associations, and very specifically those related to our traditional culture.

19) Campaign in favor of tax relief and other exemptions from aid for associations.

6.-Business world

Goals. Guarantee the use of Catalan in all signs, indicators, bulletin boards, printed matter, advertising, commercial documentation ...

Promote Catalan employer, economic and union organizations.

Fundamental activities:

1) Creation of linguistic advisory units within the main business and union organizations. Coordination of an organization that brings together all these entities in order to facilitate the Catalanization, with special emphasis on acting at the high and intermediate level.

2.) To influence the vocational training schools and managers to spread the Catalan spirit among the students, future business executives.

3) Reconversion of the INEM.

4) Encourage trade union strategies that incorporate the linguistic and national dimension of Catalonia into their policy.

5) Encourage the Catalanization of service companies. For example, provide insurance models in Catalan and agencies.

6) Require linguistic and national standardization for state enterprises and public companies in the tertiary sector (Iberia, Telefónica, Renfe, etc.).

7) Achieve the Catalanization of the guilds, Promotion of National Labor, PIMEC, Circle of Economy Federació de Caixes de lad? Estalvis, professional associations, chambers of commerce, et cetera.

8) Increase the influence of the Generalitat in the Fira de Barcelona to ensure that it becomes a true international organization of Catalonia.

9) Achieve linguistic and national standardization of savings banks, banks and other financial entities.

10) Strategy design in order to qualify for the management positions of the institutions in this field.

11) Introduce in the training and retraining of managers (ESADE, IESE, EMI, ICESE, etc.) to catalanize programs of these centers.

12) Preference when awarding public material tenders to those companies that have a standardization process, both within the company and in the commercialization of the product (labeling, signaling, technical characteristics, keyboard in Catalan, etc.)

13) Catalanize the tourism and leisure industries (amusement parks, hotels, restaurants ...)

14) Be rigorous in awarding awards and honors to companies, company directors and workers.

15) Policy to help the artisan, revaluing traditional crafts.

16) Help the production of business software in Catalan.

7.-Exterior projection

Goals. Make known the existence of Catalonia and the Paisos Catalans throughout the world, especially in Europe. Cohesion of the Catalan space within the north-western framework of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. To strengthen relations between the Paisos Catalans and their economic environment (Aragón, Occitania and northern Italy) in all fields.

Ensure that the Catalan language is official in the Cortes Generales and in the CEE, and that Catalonia becomes a European constituency in the elections to the European Parliament. Promote knowledge of languages by facilitating study through all means, because pluralism helps us to preserve Catalan.

Likewise, a permanent presence abroad of Catalan cultural productions is necessary and Catalonia should be strengthened as a meeting place for and realization of all kinds of high-level cultural, economic, commercial, etc. expressions.

Fundamental activities:

1.- Create courses for foreigners who want to know the Catalan language and culture in their place of origin, accrediting them with the Certificat Internacional de Catalá.

2.- Promote cultural, scientific, tourist, university, school, sports, commercial relations, etc., between the Paisos Catalans and their entire area of influence, by modifying interdisciplinary seminars or seminars (for example, some Cultural Days of Alghero or the Estudi General Lul.lià) that serve as interconnection. Encourage relations with Occitania (Jornades Universitàries to Vall d'Aran).

3.- To favor the activities of the entities that develop programs of knowledge of the Catalan culture abroad (IPECC, CAOC, casals catalans, etc.).

4.- Promote the knowledge of a Catalan image abroad, composed of elements such as folklore, crafts, plastic arts, etc.

5.- Start-up of enlightments campaigns abroad for the recognition of the official status of the Catalan language in Europe. Requirement of Catalan in the Lingua program.

6.- Campaign to promote a quality tourism offer that values the Catalan cultural life, its traditions, its identity and that is respectful of the cultural heritage and the environment.

7.- Increase in aid to Catalan-speaking entities (NACS, Catalan Office of Frankfurt, etc.).

8.- Campaign in favor of Catalonia being a European electoral district.

9.- Create a Club for International Debates in Barcelona.

10.- Strengthen the exchanges and agreements of Catalonia with other regional movements in Europe.

11.- Strengthen the presence of Catalan and Catalonia in international events (Expo-langues, trade fairs, tourism fairs, etc.).


Goals. Achieve that Catalonia and the remaining Paisos Catalans have an important weight in the economic field. Provide Catalonia and the rest of the Paisos Catalans with a good network of terrestrial, maritime and air communications. Interconnecting both sides of the Pyrenees with new railway lines, roads and highways. Make of Catalonia and the rest of the Paisos Catalans a core of high level of development in all those aspects where it is worth living.

Promote a policy of territorial and urban adaptation that respects the cultural and environmental heritage. Enhance the role of Barcelona as an economic, commercial and tourist-cultural capital of the north-western Mediterranean and of the European Great Being. Favor the technological autonomy of Catalonia.

Fundamental activities:

1.-Strengthen the existing Catalan banks and savings banks and their European penetration.

2.-Strengthen the Barcelona Stock Exchange

3.- Maximize the implantation in Catalonia of companies of high technological level, as well as research centers.

4.- Develop road communications; strengthening of the Mediterranean axis.

5.- Campaign to raise awareness among citizens regarding the decline in quality of life and the development that represents the lack of certain economic structures.

6.- Transfer to the Generalitat all the competences regarding railways in Catalan territory.

7.- Campaign to pass all the railways of the Paisos Catalans to the European width. Creation of new lines, such as: Tortosa-Lleida, Pobla de Segur-Sant Gironç, Manresa-La Seu d'Urgell-Andorra.

8.- Campaign in favor of boosting rail transport, especially the Barcelona suburban railway and the metro network of the city.

9.- Campaign to guarantee that the TGV of Barcelona to the border and Paris will be carried out as soon as possible, and that it will extend to Valencia and Alicante.

10.- Campaign to convert the Barcelona airport into the link nucleus of the great European south. Expand international and intercontinental flights.

11.- Campaign in favor of the expansion of the Port of Barcelona, and equip it with the necessary infrastructure to make it one of the best in Europe.

12 .- Channel a design project of iconographic signs (road signs, places, etc.) that allows to have a differentiated sense and identifier.

13.- To develop those sectors of the economy in which Catalonia can have an important role at European level, such as, for example, computer software, design, logistics, business organization, and so on.

14.- Strengthen the technology parks.

15.- Promote international economic journals made in Catalonia.


Goals. That the Administration identifies itself (in the concepts: work, creativity, participation, style, forms, actions) with the national values:

-Primacy of civil society and application of the principle of subsidiarity.
-Reinforcement among the citizenship of the concepts about rights and duties.
- Service attitude over bureaucratic mechanisms.
- Openness to Europe (knowledge and study of European realities and connection with institutions European).
-Austerity (balance, not ostentation).
-Effectiveness. pragmatism, but with feina ben feta and attention to individual.

Reinforce the political and social role of Catalan legislation on different issues. Prestige the Catalan Administration as a synonym of efficiency and good management. Influence the administration of justice and public order with national criteria. Respect for the natural and cultural heritage.

Fundamental activities:

1) Overcome the pre-eminence that certain structures and staff structures are acquiring in the departments of the Generalitat.

2) Overcome the dichotomy that attempts to establish between officials and politicians with pre-eminence of political decisions and efficiency and simplification in administrative actions.

3) Reinforcement of the structures of the consellers' cabinets as mechanisms for political action.

4) In-depth review of mechanisms accesses and internal promotion of the civil service (Public Function Law and internal operating laws), seeking a greater incentive in the work

5) Substantial change of orientation of the Scale of Public Administration towards the basic and permanent training of the different levels of the civil service and of the public positions.

The authors

The document collects proposals made by very diverse authors, from consellers, to high-ranking civil servants of the Generalitat and intellectuals from the converging orbit, according to CiU sources. The final wording of the text, according to the same sources, is Ramon Juncosa, general director of Coondinació i Seguiment Sectorial de la Generalitat.

However, when consulted by this newspaper, denied any relationship with the text, adding that in any case it is only about intentions and emphasized that the action of nationalizing of the Govern is only what the president has expressed in his own words.



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